Hello! This blog was formerly known as DNA Rambles. I created this site while working as a bench scientist in a cancer genetics lab; but I’ve moved on and I think it’s high time this blog moves on too.

I am now a PA (physician assistant) student at Boston University School of Medicine! I’ve got the white coat and everything. What I don’t have is much free time. The program started in April, and since then I’ve been buried in lectures, exams, and a mountain of information. Medical school is no joke.

A creative outlet is necessary though, and so I’m returning to writing. As my brain is completely immersed in medicine right now, I’m planning to write creative fiction based on accurate medical science.

For example, have you ever considered what a tick bite would look like from a cellular perspective?  Below is a preface to a short story I would like to flesh out, and will hopefully post sometime soon. Enjoy:



It was a quiet night in The Knee. The Heart thumped sonorously at a steady, slow rate of 43 beats per minute, unhurriedly swirling erythrocytes through the popliteal artery as it snaked its way down the back of The Knee. But something was amiss. For buried in the nook created by the tendons of the biceps femoris, a tick poised itself to engorge on a bloodmeal. The arachnid’s pincer-like jaws clamped down, spiking through the epidermis and penetrating the vasculature pulsing languidly beneath. As the cytoplasmic contents of the shredded cells triggered alarm bells in the subcutaneous tissue, salivary secretions dripped from the tick’s feasting maw into the wound. Within those secretions tiny coccobacilli rode the wave to their new host.