The Poet-Scientist

It should be pretty obvious by now, if you are a functioning adult, that people are multi-faceted complex beings.  I am no different.  I am a scientist by training, yet a poet at heart.  For this reason, I’ve set up another blog called Thought Liquor.  So if you want to see the part of me that listened to My Chemical Romance in the not-too-distant past and watches The Nightmare Before Christmas on both Halloween and Christmas, then you should check it out.  By way of a preview, here is a piece I wrote that lies at a crossroads between science (the pharmaceutical industry) and poetry.  Enjoy!

Pharmacy is pharming doctors
Doctoring details of drugs described as
Definitively effective when the efficaciousness
Is definitively disingenuous.
They lure with lunches
Succor with samples
And, as is their intent
Prescription practices prosper
Into pharmaceutical pockets.
You might say a lunch is a lunch
But I’ve a hunch your eyes are scrunched
Against the whole picture.
Picture society as a web of give and take
Where what you make is not what you make
But is instead the reciprocal of taking.
That is to say the giving of a thing
Is not in the thing but in the giving
Because our cerebral oscillation is based
On societal implications which from
Roots indeterminate determined that
Without reciprocity our society will cease to be.
And since surprisingly MDs are human too,
This rule applies also applies to that select few.
So if pharma gives, doctors take,
then doctors prescribe
and patients take
then pharma makes
on the reciprocal of take
the end result is that
they rake it all in.
They’re the ones to win.


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