Proteins at your fingertips

With a click and a casual flick of the wrist, a 289 kilodalton protein rotates drunkenly on its axis.  A few more clicks and the protein has transformed from a bundle of sheets and tubes to a ponderous and bulbous entity.  These are just a few of the simple and intuitive interface tools available from NCBI’s CnD3 applet.

You, yes you, can go to NCBI, download their Cn3d (“see in 3D”) application, and play with your favorite protein, all for free! I’ve spent the last two hours playing with mTOR, the bread and butter protein of my lab. You can highlight secondary structures, compare domains between proteins, and much much more. And for free! Tonight I shall be blissfully dreaming of spinning multi-colored proteins transitioning from basal to active states. What an amazing time to be alive.


One thought on “Proteins at your fingertips

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