Tunnel to Equality

You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel? from the daily prompt

“So, I just walk through it, and that’s it?”  Sam looked at the swirling vortex uncertainly.  His father, wild hair sticking in all directions nodded enthusiastically.

“You see Sam, I finally did it!  I call it a temporal interference device, or TID for short.”  What he was referring to was a large circle of steel, with cables as thick as a man’s wrist protruding from it in all directions.  The smell of ozone filled the air and there was a harsh crackling accompanied by a deep, thrumming hum.  The oddest feature of the circle though was the center.  It was nothingness.  Utter, black, nothingness.

“Uhhh, dad, what is in there?” Sam asked, pointing a slightly shaky finger at the void before him.

“All of Time Sam!  All of it! Isn’t it incredible?”  Sam’s father was jumping from foot to foot in his excitement, his eyes gleaming with a fanatic intensity.

“Where, er, when is it supposed to take me?”

“I programmed it to jump to societal equilibrium.  I don’t want you growing up in a world where people get shot walking down the street just because of the color of their skin Sam. You deserve better my boy.  Of course, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Have you tested it?” Sam asked, speculatively.

At that, Sam’s dad grinned, and adjusted a few dials.  Turning to look at Sam he lifted his watch and said “See you in five-” then he stepped into the void and disappeared.

Sam looked frantically about, panicking.  As he was about to call for his stepmother he heard a voice behind him as his dad stepped out of the portal “-seconds.”

Sam’s jaw dropped.  “How did you do that?!?”  

He laughed, “I didn’t do it, the TID did!”  

Sam was convinced.  Taking a deep breath, he stepped into the portal and prepared to meet a society that had ended all strife having to do with social issues like race, gender, and class.  He disappeared into the blackness.

 A profound weariness settled over Sam’s dad, and he turned to trudge up the basement steps.  His wife looked expectantly at him.  “It’s done,” he said.

Ten thousand years in the future, a young homo sapien stepped into what had been Ferguson, MO.  He didn’t know it, but throughout the whole desolate landscape of Earth, he was the only living human – a true societal equilibrium.


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