A Foray into Fiction: what if you could share DNA with anything? …temporarily

I’ve been toying with an idea for a science fiction novel or novella centered around the concepts featured below.  Set approximately 100 years in the future, imagine a world in which you can cosmetically express fluorescent proteins in patterns on your skin, or develop the smell sensitivity of a dog- but only temporarily!


Omnipedia Entry: Evo-stim (noun) – A colloquial truncation of “evolution stimulators,” evo-stims are injectible genetic constructs of transgenic proteins which may have a half-life varying between five minutes and 1 year (as determined by the London Transgenetics Accords).  They can confer upon the user the phenotypes of the gene donor based on the code encased in the virus construct.  Overexpression of norepinephrine receptors, endocannaboids, serotonin receptors, and dopamine receptors are the most common recreational usages of evo-stims, though military applications, such as the expression of canine olfactory receptors, are reported to be in development.  Public acceptance of evo-stims began in the late 2090s when the cosmetic use of fluorescent protein (flo-pro™) evo-stims became a national trend in the US. Clinical investigations on possible side-effects of evo-stims are underway, though claims of repeated use leading to cancer appear to be largely unsubstantiated according to leading Transgene © officials.  (last updated: 06/02/2114)


Omnipedia Entry: Epistles, The (group) – An infamous bioterrorist group, The Epistles are known for openly flouting the London Transgenetics Accords.  The etiology of the group’s name is rumored to be a result of members’ flexible epigenetic background as well as their near fanatic devotion to their mysterious leader Z. The Epistles are purported to be immortal due to a highly-illegal non-degrading telomerase evo-stim, but Transgene © officials claim such a construct is not only impossible to synthesize but would also prove highly oncogenic. (last updated: 04/20/2112)


Omnipedia Entry: Transgene © (corporation) – Founded in the early 2020’s, Transgene rapidly grew to become a leading competitor in cutting-edge biotechnology.  With the 2050 patent on evo-stims, Transgene became the predominant market force in global biotech development.  The company suffered severe setbacks during the Immuno-stimTM African trials when a leaked report exposed non-approved trials of evo-stims being performed on patients without knowledge or consent (CITATION NEEDED).  However, following a structural overhaul of the company as well as the successful mediation of the London Transgenetic Accords, Transgene reestablished its credibility among the populace.  With the advent of Insta-stimsTM, Transgene has become a household name across the globe. (last updated: 12/01/2113)


Omnipedia Entry: London Transgenetics Accords (international law) – A series of laws dedicated to regulating the rise of novel transgenetic biotechnology with a special emphasis on human applications.  Held in London one decade after the 2045 Amygdala Attack (known to residents as the Night of Terrors), the Accords placed a ban on the development of permanent human genetic alteration.  The Accords also established guidelines, based on the input from prominent Transgene © delegates, delineating the protocols and oversight to be practiced in the development of modern transgenetic biotechnology.  Compliance to these guidelines is strictly enforced by a special subdivision of NATO, as any deviation from these regulations signifies a global threat.  (last updated: 02/25/2113)


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