Electric Eels

The electric eel is a crude creature. It is blessed with this astounding capacity to wield voltage and what does it do? Tases its prey. Boooooring. Any Neanderthal can use a club.

The Ghost Knifefish, on the other hand, besides having an infinitely more badass name, also uses the electric organ in a much more refined manner. if you were to attach an electrode to a speaker and listen to a South American lake populated by these knifefish, what you would hear would not be dissimilar to an aluminum rooftop singing the tune of a spring deluge. Staccato discharges changing in mesmerizing rate and intensity.

You’ve heard of echolocation? Try ELECTROLOCATION!
In fact, these guys had electronic communication down well before AOL.

You see, they experience the world through voltage and current and even give themselves names in high frequency waveforms.

And if you didn’t think that was cool enough, listen to this: if they encounter a fish with a similar frequency discharge, a similar “name,” it messes with their electrolocation. To counteract this, both fish will adjust their frequency to make them more dissimilar through a process known as “jamming avoidance response.” THEY CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO POLITELY PASS EACH OTHER.


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